The Challenge

As a new luxury brand, Genesis wanted to boost brand awareness, increase new client acquisition, gain exposure in top performing markets and properly position the brand by getting a qualified audience behind the wheel.

The Idea

The audience that Genesis wanted to reach values their friends’ opinions more than that of a brand. This makes for a great opportunity to implement an ambassador program. Leveraging our connections, we hand-selected individuals in key markets—all of whom are influencers in their respective networks—to be our first Genesis Ambassadors.

To spark brand loyalty from the get-go, ambassadors receive a bespoke welcome gift to kick off the program. The welcome gift is tailored to their personality and is composed of products from likeminded brands to align Genesis with luxury.

Each ambassador is gifted a Genesis vehicle for one year to use as their everyday car. In addition to exposing their networks to the vehicle by simply driving it, ambassadors also integrate the brand into their daily lives through events, social media and partnerships with their own brands.

The Results

Genesis has already gained meaningful brand exposure as the ambassadors organically promote the vehicle to their influential networks. Events and social media integration allow the brand to reach a broader audience, creating a halo effect.