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AXW Welcomes AmEx Asia

Axcess Worldwide Welcomes American Express Asia to the Family

November 07, 2016 | Kirk Posmantur


Dear Friends:

I am proud to announce that Axcess Worldwide will be embarking on a unique partnership with American Express in Asia. We will be working alongside AmEx Asia in curating truly unique benefits and services as well as extraordinary experiences for their premium card members throughout Asia.

Since 2014, when Axcess first set up our offices in Hong Kong, American Express has been a wonderful partner on a variety of partnership initiatives with several of our brand clients in the region. We are excited to be collaborating with AmEx Asia on such an important initiative, and we will continue to work with AmEx Asia in bringing world-class benefits and accesses to their very best customers.

Our first benefit will launch with Sotheby’s, Acquavella, and several other New York based art galleries next month, offering exclusive access to rare art collections with the most prestigious art sellers and renowned experts in the world. Axcess is looking forward to curating these exclusive experiences for AmEx’s Centurion customers from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore.

For 16+ years, we have worked hard to establish trusted relationships with the world’s most extraordinary lifestyle brands. We are excited that our stars have now aligned to leverage those trusted relationships to benefit AmEx Asia card members.

We will be in touch with many of you in the weeks and months ahead, as we believe that this is an incredibly powerful platform for our global family of brands to utilize.

As always, we are grateful for your continued support and the opportunity to create innovative thinking and marketing strategies on the behalf of our clients.


Kirk Posmantur
Chairman & CEO