The Challenge

Seagram’s Ginger Ale approached us to facilitate the 360-degree launch of the new and improved brand in order to make this the preferred premium ginger ale among metropolitan multicultural millennials.

The Idea

To effectively reach this target audience, it was clear that a full rebrand was necessary. Together, alongside Seagram’s Ginger Ale, we revamped its position in the market place, identified the core brand lover, refined the brand message and identified the marketing mix that would allow us to bring this new story to life. Seagram’s had already undergone a package redesign and was in the process of reformulating the hero product—its ginger ale—so it was the perfect time to concept and execute the brand’s go-to-launch strategy.

The go-to-launch program included four key areas of focus that would bring the new story of Seagram’s Ginger Ale to life: point of sale (POS) marketing, media, social media and experiential. By connecting each area of focus back to the larger creative concept, “Celebrate Everyday Moments,” we were able to target a specific demographic on an everyday basis in a compelling and relevant manner. By creating a cohesive brand strategy that was heavily focused on launch, we were able to make an impactful splash online and in real life.

To accompany the B2C efforts, we also had to think about the people who carry the product in their retail locations. This meant concepting, developing and producing custom VIP Kits to deliver to Seagram’s Ginger Ale’s top customers prior to the launch. This allowed the customers to feel valued and ultimately act as brand ambassadors for Seagram’s.

The Results

Seagram’s Ginger Ale saw an increase in sales since the launch of its new formula, visual identity and brand position. It was the first time in close to a decade that the brand had seen such a positive increase in sales.

The brand’s Instagram following grew 2,500% in less than three months, while Facebook garnered more than 9,000 new page likes.

The launch events helped to spike brand awareness drastically. More than 50,000 targeted individuals received communications via pre-promotion and nearly 4,000 core brand lovers attended. More than 200 cases of the ginger ale product were consumed and social media engagement increased after both events.