Mike Wargotz

Co-Founder & Executive-In-Residence

A bowl of matzo ball soup at Harold’s Deli in Parsippany, New Jersey, sealed the fate for Mike, as it was the first (of way too many) meals he shared with Founder & CEO Kirk Posmantur. Both were early members of the Hospitality Franchise Systems (HFS) team at the time and the rest is history. Fast forward to 2000 when the two best friends embarked on another journey together: starting AXW. An entrepreneur to a T, Mike puts his accelerator spirit to use in evaluating the agency’s ventures. Involved in everything from NetJets to N*Sync’s rendition of Chili’s Baby Back Ribs jingle to Worth Group, he has helped shape the agency over the years. Mike also served as CFO and a Founder of the Milestone Aviation Group, a global helicopter leasing company, as well as leadership roles at PWC, AmEx, PaineWebber and NetJets. When he isn’t traveling the world, moonlighting as a sophomoric movie critic or wandering around La Jolla and New York City (despite living here off and on for 25 years), he serves on the Board of Directors of two publicly traded companies—Wyndham Worldwide, Resource Connections—as well as two private companies—Worth Group, Tapin2.