Ed Eberhart

Director, Operations

Describing himself as equal parts Dalton (RoadHouse) and Bohdi (Point Break), Ed’s desire for order and appetite for chaos are well suited for the role of Director of Operations, wherein he manages all of AXW’s procedures and practices, accounting, and vendor relationships. And, although he hasn’t yet encountered the scenario, Ed thinks that the Director of Operations should also be capable of fighting the Red Hot Chili Peppers while wearing a wetsuit if and when they try to ambush Johnny Utah. After spending many years in the classroom—undergrad, grad school (twice), serving as faculty, then as a publishing consultant—Ed took a leap of faith and opened his own creative studio, focusing on the motorcycle and racing industries, where he was until he had his fateful conversation with Founder & CEO Kirk Posmantur and joined AXW. When not prepping for his combat with RHCP, he’s racing motorcycles or coaching racers at the track. He balances his adrenaline rush with building and painting original canvases alongside his yeti / dire wolf / polar bear of a dog, Goose.