Ben Birns

Manager, Client Services

Starting at a young age with his binder full of Got Milk ads, Ben’s dream of being behind the next big campaign led him to the world of marketing. Ben is a chameleon; his personable demeanor allows him to cater to everyone’s personality, adapt to different styles of work and determine how to handle the situation at hand. In his account management role at AXW, this is precisely what Ben does. His love of sports landed him on the Reebok and vitaminwater accounts at LeadDog Marketing Group prior to AXW. Ben is a team player, treating his clients like members of his squad—preferably the Miami Heat. His competitive edge ensures that as soon as a goal is set, he will see it through. When he’s not driving to the hoop for his clients, Ben is busy reading up on tech blogs and strategizing how he can incorporate the latest tech phenomenon into his work.