Ava Posmantur

Manager, Client Services

From her obsession with “The Simpsons” since age 12 or her need to rewatch “The Office” until she knows every single line, Ava is in love with all things comedy. (and she really can quote any line from that show.) Her passion for cartoons, sitcoms, and  entertainment is easily translated into her natural knack for creativity and content creation. Majoring in media studies and film at Wake Forest University, she graduated cum laude and a die hard Kappa Kappa Gamma- and even had many of her films featured in school-wide events. You can find her forcing her friends to feature in impromptu photoshoots, reading gross amounts of celebrity gossip, or directing her latest viral Tik Tok. Her unique pulse on today’s culture and obsession for the make believe has taught her how to make a far-fetched fantasy a viable reality. Similar to every other Posmantur, she too is a massive foodie and is in search of the best peking duck in the city.